What Students Have To Say

Duane helped me through the whole process, since the very first day, giving me advice about how to start my preparation.  Then he helped me with the personal statement and interview preparation.
Every time he had the right words for me, encouraging me to keep working hard.

Juan Alvarado, MD

Quito, Ecuador


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Hill for his impeccable work.  I purchased the full package, and it proved to be worth every penny.
Dr. Hill possesses an incredible talent for writing and correcting Personal Statements.  Additionally, we had a series of 6 sessions plus one individual session focused on interview preparation, where the skills for handling behavioral style questions proved invaluable during real interviews.
Dr. Hill is extremely responsive and goes beyond being just an advisor; he becomes a mentor and teacher throughout the entire MATCH season.
I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone because their career is at stake.

Anastasiia Babintseva, MD

Izhevsk, Russia


This journey is hard to figure out, specially as an IMG.  Fortunately, I met Duane Hill.  He became my mentor and friend, with so much important advice.
When I finished my steps, he helped me a lot with my ERAS application in order to reflect my qualities and apply with a smart strategy to get some chances in the specialty that I wanted.  He also prepared me for residency interviews.  It was extremely helpful in order to improve my skills and feel more comfortable during interview season.
I definitely recommend him.  He is an excellent medical advisor.

Johanna Campos, MD

San Salvador, El Salvador


Duane is the best, full stop!!!
Without him, I don't know how I would have succeeded.  He is a genius when it comes to guidance.
He literally gave me a clear idea of how to think when choosing a speciality.  By 2022, I had narrowed my choice, though I was still unsure whether to go into medicine or psychiatry.  After our initial two-hour conversation, I realized that I wanted to pursue more than simply psychiatry.
Duane made sure my application was well-articulated, which is why it stood out. He was my "HYPE-MAN".
He never failed to find a way to cheer us on during interview season and gave us hope that we could succeed.  He kept me going even when I felt like giving up.
I do have a baseline of minimal stutter which gets worse with anxiety and presentation, and I really thought i had no chance.  But, with Duane's interview prep, I started building great momentum.  And, at my third interview, I knew there is nothing stopping me from matching.
Do not hesitate to use Duane at all.

Paul Gbemudu, MD



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I learned about Duane through a friend of mine who had already started the workshop with him.  In my case, I had already applied and had a couple of interviews, so I decided to schedule a few one on one mock interviews.  The best decision ever!
Duane is not only professional but also brutally honest.  He is worth every single penny you spent.  He knows what the folks that are interviewing you want to know about you, and helps you to improve your answers based on what you share about yourself.  As an IMG, my culture is different, and interview process is also different in my home country.  Also, my English needed to improve.  However, he made me felt more confident about my interview skills, and I matched in my top choice with only 3 interviews!
I strongly recommend him to anyone!  I am very grateful and blessed for having crossed paths with him.

Maria Malavé, MD



I have nothing but words of gratitude towards Duane and his professionalism.  He is the bridge IMGs need.  He clearly knows the pathway to medical residency and his experience in this field is incomparable.  He was always available whenever I had a doubt and consistently supported me with kind words of encouragement.  He is also the person who identifies your strengths and weaknesses and advices you to maximize your chances.  I strongly believe he was key to match in my first choice.  Thank you, Duane, for guiding me in this difficult but awesome journey!

Carolina Musri, MD

Mendoza, Argentina


I just wanna say thanks a bunch!
This feels like a dream come true for me.
I really believe you played a big role in my journey.  My ERAS application is all polished up thanks to you, and my personal statement is so darn cute and impactful, all thanks to your help.  And those interview prep sessions?  They were gold.  Even when facing tough questions, I had those pro phrases ready to go (like professionalism and best medical care) that really helped me out.
Despite all the stress that comes with this process, having you around made it a whole lot easier.  I'm really thankful and super pumped for this new chapter.
Goals: Achieved!!!

Andrea Newman, MD

Merida, Venezuela


Honestly, I can brag for hours about Duane's services.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about residency and the entire process of preparing.
I was referred to him by an IMG that was a year ahead of me.  She had high scores on her Step exams but did not match in her first year.  She hired Duane and matched the same year.  I knew being an IMG that I would need to hire a consultant but was uncertain which company to choose.  It helps when someone has positive experiences and can refer you.
I have to say, this was the best decision I have ever made.  Not only did I match my first year of applying with Duane's expertise, but I have also, now, made a friend.
I have hired Duane for other small projects that I needed help with, like writing letters of recommendations to program specific projects as well as letters for conference entries.  I have even spoken to Duane on a number of other non-specific inquiries, just asking his opinion on things.
I have referred other students to Duane who, I am proud to say, matched on their first round and who had pretty tough requirements, including visa sponsorship.
While no one is every guaranteed to match into residency, I would not recommend using any other service outside of Duane. He is the best in the industry and worth every penny!
Duane, thank you so very much for all of your hard work, knowledge, guidance and expertise in preparing our future doctors for residency!

Nima Shayesteh, MD

Houston, Texas, USA


Having someone to guide me during this whole process made all the difference.  Duane was always one email away.  I couldn’t have done this without him.
I matched!
Thank you for all your support.

Uche Smith, MD

Abuja, Nigeria


As an IMG who graduated in 2001, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the invaluable support I received throughout the MATCH 2023 process.  The journey to Match Day was challenging and demanding, and having Duane's unwavering support by my side made all the difference.
Navigating through the complexities of this process can be overwhelming.  His guidance was very important at every step, from preparing for interviews to providing expert advice tailored to my unique circumstances.
Although I participated in the Match previously in 2020, I realized the importance of seeking expert counsel for this crucial phase of my career; and, upon a friend's recommendation, I reached out to Duane for his invaluable assistance.  I can confidently say it was one of the best decisions I made.
Duane's unparalleled expertise and unwavering support were instrumental in helping me secure a residency position in Internal Medicine.  I deeply appreciate his dedication to ensuring my success during this pivotal moment in my life.
I am immensely grateful for his guidance, which helped me achieve my professional aspirations and instilled a newfound confidence in my abilities.

Confesora Valdez, MD

Dominican Republic


My experience with Dr Hill during the Residency Application was phenomenal.
I was successful with his guidance.
For international medical graduates, the application process has always been charged with anxiety due to the unknown.  Today, the overwhelming and contradictory information in blogs, social media, and the experiences of influencers make this process even more confusing.
During the last cycle, I applied without having curated information about the process, which resulted in my application going completely unnoticed.  This time was different.
Dr Hill's webinars were beneficial for putting my application together and finding the correct programs to apply to in an organized manner.
My first meeting with Dr Hill gave me the sense of peace I sought.  He knew the answers to my questions and personalized the plan according to my background.  I joined the membership, which provided access to additional resources and direct support from Dr Hill.  I joined late, almost close to the application cycle, but Dr Hill was there, answering my questions.  He gave me a sense of peace because you can tell he is well-experienced.
Interview preparation was a game-changer as well.  I remember practicing with friends who were also applying for the match; but, by that time, they had completed numerous interviews while I was preparing for the first one.  While they gained their experience through their mistakes at their interviews, I knew that in my preparation with Dr Hill, each interview counted.  I was able to perform well in each one.
Dr Hill made this application process a realization for me of how much I will contribute to my residency program.
I would recommend Dr Hill to my friends every time.

Geovanna Yepez, MD